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BS03 - Baby Glamour Smock - Light Fawn

BS03 - Baby Glamour Smock - Light Fawn

100% pure alpaca handcrafted glamour smock knitted in the old favourite feather and fan stitch. 

All natural colour - no dyes or other chemicals.

Alpaca is not prickly and is hypoallergenic so perfect for babies and toddlers.

Washing instructions: these are unique handmade items and must be washed by hand in warm soapy water. DO NOT put in washing machine and DO NOT spin dry.

Made to order.
  • Details

    Hand knitted in 4 ply soft yarn made from baby huacaya fleece from our own alpacas bred and grown on our farm just south of Canberra.

    Soft and warm and light.

    Fit 12 mths but remember that knitted garments are stretchable.

    Colour: Light Fawn available.

    Length: 34cm
    Width: 64cm

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