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SH07 - Glamour Shawl - Cream

SH07 - Glamour Shawl - Cream

100% pure  alpaca handcrafted exquisite Glamour Shawl - a fashion statement! so light and dainty...

Hand made in 2 ply soft yarn made from baby huacaya fleece from our own alpacas bred and grown on our farm just south of Canberra.

All natural colours - no dyes or other chemicals.

Alpaca is not prickly and is hypoallergenic so perfect for sensitive skins.

Washing instructions: these are delicate handmade items and must be washed by hand in warm soapy water. DO NOT put in washing machine and DO NOT spin dry.

Made to order.
  • Details

    Hand knitted in 2 ply baby huacaya yarn, this amazing lacy shawl is light and warm weighing only 115gm.

    Colour: Cream available.

    Length: 125cm
    Width: 60cm
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